January 2024 Mile Time Trial Results

A very committed duo of Louise Acher and Brian Hunton led the coldest training session of the season (and of the year!) on 17 January.

A hardy 7 people accepted the challenge of the Mile TT. Two runners set their first time of the season and one set their season’s best. One matched his SB. Congratulations to all who competed!

Runner13/9/2318/10/23 (W)15/11/2320/12/2317/1/2421/2/2420/3/24Season’s best
Simon Palmer5:295:375:215:21
Gareth Phillips5:245:495:53
Andy Ward5:255:25
Jake George5:415:525:415:41
Jack Cooley5:425:42
Will Henderson5:545:545:575:54
Darren Marshall5:546:065:54
Eamon Matthews6:206:416:076:07
Chris Bond6:216:116:11
Ross Hagen6:276:156:15
Holly Dusting6:216:21
Laura Palmer6:266:26
Alan Wong6:266:26
Liam Hopkins6:426:426:42
Ellen Collins6:556:55
Phil Law6:566:56
Ian Jacobs6:596:59
Steve Hill7:047:367:117:04
Nick Hawthorne7:217:117:097:09
Susanna Speirs7:167:16
Kathleen Muller7:377:287:28
Alison Plant7:367:307:537:317:30
Justine Dade7:387:38
Meg Francis7:548:177:488:077:48
Leyla Ostovar7:517:567:51
Rugile Zukaite8:008:00
Gemma Vincent8:288:538:558:058:05
Alan Matthews8:068:118:06
Jane Munn8:188:308:188:148:18
Nathan Hawthorne8:248:24
Laura Law8:348:488:288:318:28
Sharon Matthews8:588:588:308:418:308:30
Sarah Farnell-Ward8:498:398:39
Natasha Armstrong9:328:439:138:43
Izzy Rand9:099:09
Mary Matthews9:209:379:20

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