Club Championships Series

The Series involves a variety of running fixtures that are open to all club members.  At the end of the year there are trophies for First Overall, First Vet (50+) and First Super-Vet (60+) for each of the ladies’ and the men’s section.

How does the scoring work?

In each race TAC finishers will be awarded points based on their finishing position relative to other club runners, M & F finishers ranked separately.  For instance, being 5th lady home in a XC fixture, but where you are the first TAC runner home would earn you 1 point, second TAC lady finisher 2 points, etc. 

The Series winners in each category will be determined by the lowest total score for each runner, starting with those who have completed 5 or more races. Where a runner finishes more than 5 races, only the best 5 results will count.  In the event of the trophies not all being awarded to those who have run 5 or more races, the scoring then moves onto those who have completed four races, and then three, and so on. 

In the following example, Runner A wins by virtue of having the lowest score in those running 5 or more races:

Example end of series table

2024 Series

What are the races?

10/02/2024XC 4XCLloyd Park
07/04/2024Sutton 10kRL10k Club Champ
Enter here
12/05/2024Ranelagh Richmond Half MarathonRLEnter here
28/05/2024Hogsmill 5Ladies only
Enter here
02/06/2024Dorking 10 mileRL10M Club Champ
Enter here
18/06/2024Nonsuch Relays
TBC (July)Elmore 7RL
TBC (Aug)Summer Handicap
05/10/2024Banstead Woods Parkrun5K Age-Grade Club Champ
24/11/2024Bushy Park Christmas 10k

What should I do now?

Enter some races, run hard and have fun!  Remember, it is not about being the fastest – it is about completing the races and engaging in some firendly support (or competition) with your fellow club runners.

2023 Results

Congratulations to all the runners who completed the minimum 5 races. Your names are immortalised on this webpage. The 2023 winners are:

  • First Female Overall – Laura Palmer, who came first in all 10 of the races she ran in this 11 race series.
  • First Female Vet – Jane Munn, with some standout performances.
  • First Female Super-Vet – The one, the only, the legendary Heather Fenton.
  • First Male Overall – Simon Palmer, by what can only be described as a country mile 1,500m.
  • First Male Vet – Dave Williamson, with some exceptional performances in a year when he has carried more than his fair share of TAC injuries.

Championship shields are on their way to you all. Watch this space for news about how the 2024 Championship Series will look!

RunnerNumber of racesTotal ScoreRace 1
(Morden XC)
Race 2
(Richmond HM)
Race 3
(Hogsmill 5)
Race 4
(Sutton 10K)
Race 5
(Dorking 10)
Race 6
(Nonusch Relays)
Race 7
(Elmore 7)
Race 8
(Walton Heath HC)
Race 9
(5K AG Race – Nonsuch)
Race 10
(Epsom XC)
Race 11
(Bushy 10K)
Laura Palmer1051111111111
Jane Munn7183396383
Heather Fenton62742414413
Gemma Vincent53511
Simon Palmer8642121121
David Williamson71451151029
Ian Matthews618722825
Darren Marshall816123336463
William Henderson9171044493942
Brian Hunton5421555134
Mark Lowther5502065415