Ladies Championship 2019

Championship 2018 – Winner!!!  Caz 

2019 Tadworth Ladies Championship series

A number of races qualify for this throughout the year and all you have to do is run at least 6 of them over 11 months to score in the championship.  You can, of course, do all of the races and I have tried to include a wide range of race distances and terrains.  Points will be awarded for your Tadworth placing for each race and the lower the score the better, in other words – if you are the first Tadworth lady in, then you will score 1 point.  Your best 6 scores will qualify for the final tally and the series will end after the last race in November 2019.  Prizes will be given to the first senior women, first vet women and first super vet.  These will be awarded at the Christmas Party in December 2019

Races for 2019 

The Vale Gallop 10K – January 27th 2019  – Well done to the 7 ladies who turned out on a very cold day a great run from Laura, Caz, Jane, Mary M, Heather, Jen and Megan.

The Valentine’s 10K – February 17th 2019 – A lovely dry, crisp day with little wind and perfect for running – very well done to Laura, Heather, Vanessa and Mary HJ

The Leatherhead Firestation 10K – 10th March 2019 – this really was a friendly event and a lovely scenic, challenging route.  Great turnout from Tadworth ladies and well done to Laura, Heather, Donna and Jen – superb running in blustery but dry weather.

Thames Towpath 10 – 14th April 2019 – Well done to Mary Matthews who was our only female representative at this race, top marks to you Mary and it makes up for last year when you were unable to run.  Brilliant time too.

Hogsmill 5 miles Ladies only race –  Well done to Laura, Heather and Vanessa for fine runs in this deceptively challenging run.

Woodman 5 miles22th May 2019 – Another lovely evening trail run across Ashtead and Epsom Common, conditions were dry this year making it faster and easier to run.  Good turnout from the club with  Laura, Sarah, Caz, Jen and Myself – well done all.

Dorking Ten Miles – 3rd June –  Well done to Laura, Heather and Jen who completed the Tadworth Ladies Team – great effort on a hot day.

Harriers’ Fast 5 Miler – Sunday 30th June, – Well done to Jane, Mary, Donna and Liz for a great run in very warm conditions.

Elmore 7 – 20th July 2019 –  Well done to Laura, Liz Gibson, Mary Matthews and Vanessa – another very hot and humid run and a tough course.

Ashtead 10K – 15th September 2019 – Voted one of Britain’s top 10 trail race by Runner’s World – The course involves a route through the varied woodland habitats of the Common entry only £12.50 via:

Barns Green 10K – 29th September 2019 – Lovely rural run on closed, quiet country roads near Horsham, a lovely family event.  This is also the club 10K Championship.  Entries via Sport Systems:

Titsey Trail  10K – 6th October2019 – You’ll run through the lovely undulating, wooded landscapes of Limpsfield Common and the High Chart of Surrey and Kent – entries via:

Jigsaw 10K – 24th November 2019 – The Jigsaw Run is a great opportunity to run at Dunsfold Park, home of the BBC’s Top Gear.  This is the last flat, fast 10km of the Surrey race season. The final chance of the year to gain a new personal best.  Entries via:

Ladies Championship 2019 CUMULATIVE POINTS
Runner VG V LH TT H5 W5 D10 H5 E7 W5K BG10 A10 TT JS Total
Laura Palmer 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7
Caz Upson 2 4 6
Sarah Doyle 2 2
Jane Munn 3 1 4
Mary Matthews 4 1 2 3 10
Heather Fenton 5 2 2 2 2 13
Jen Burke 6 5 5 3 19
Megan Booth 7 7
Vanessa Anstee 3 3 4 10
Mary Harte-Jones 4 4
Donna Dove 4 3 7
Hazel Imeson 3 3 6
Liz Clark 4 4
Liz Gibson 2 2