Ladies Championship 2018

Championship Update – Well done to everyone who has taken part in the Ladies Championship so far this year and please see results below.  Our best turnout for races to date has been the Vale Gallop and the Woodman 5 – both off road/trail and tough races, but local and easy to get to.  I have taken note for next year.

I have included all of the Surrey League races in the Ladies Championship and you will be able to score points for all of them.  Please let Ingrid know if you are interested in the Surrey League or visit the page on this website for details of how to enter them.


New for 2018 there will be a Tadworth Ladies Championship series.  A number of races qualify for this throughout the year and all you have to do is run at least 6 of them over 11 months to score in the championship.  You can, of course, do all of the races and I have tried to include a wide range of race distances and terrains.  Points will be awarded for your Tadworth placing for each race and the lower the score the better, in other words – if you are the first Tadworth lady in, then you will score 1 point.  Your best 6 scores will qualify for the final tally and the series will end after the last race in November 2018.  Prizes will be given to the first senior women, first vet women and first super vet.  These will be awarded at the Christmas Party in December 2018.

Proposed races for 2018 

The Vale Gallop 10K – January 28th 2018  – Great turnout for the first race, 10 of us ran – well done to you all

Dash For The Splash 10K –  Well done to Amy, Mary & Hazel who took part in this tough event. 

Towpath 10 miles – April 8th 2018    Ingrid had a great pre-London run in this race to be the only Tadworth lady to compete, sadly Mary missed it due to injury.

Mundays 5K – May 9th 2018 Tarmac in Bushy Park Midweek/Evening:  Enter via this link Another great run from Ingrid, winning the WV45 class and on her birthday too! Well done.

Hogsmill 5 miles Ladies only race –  May 13th 2018 Road/Hogsmill Paths:  – Well done Caz, Jane, Vanessa, Therese, Heather, Liz, Amy & Jen – Fanastic turnout from the ladies of TAC

Woodman 5 miles – 23rd May 2018 – Trail – Wednesday evening  – Another bumper turnout of Tadworth Ladies for this event and very well done to Hazel, Caz, Jane, Kim, Heather, Jen, Ingrid, Amy & Mary HJ

Dorking Ten Miles – 3rd June – Great running from Ingrid, Heather & Therese

Richmond 10k…June 17th 2018 – Well run to Jane, Heather & Amy

Reigate 10K –  4th July 2018  19.30 Road Midweek/Evening:  Good to see Laura, Kimberley, Vanessa and Amy at this hot evening event, well done all.

Claygate 5 miles – 8th July 2018 Trail/Road Sunday  – No entries for this lovely rural trail race 🙁  maybe next year

Elmore 7 miles- 14th July 2018 Road Saturday – Well you made up for a no show at Claygate with 9 ladies out for a super hot event.  Well done to Laura, Jane, Tanya, Vanessa, Emily, Kate, Therese, Amy and Julie

Elmbridge 10K – 22nd July 2018 – Well done to Heather, the sole Tadworth lady to turn out on the hottest day of the year

Wedding Day 7K – 27th July 2018 Paths on Bushy Park Friday Evening – Great running in the rain for Ingrid and Caz.

Wimbledon Dash 5K – August 12th 2018 Road Sunday – enter here:  Well done to Caz, Jane and Amy 

Autumn Quarter Marathon 2018 – Fantastic inaugural event and long may it continue.  Sadly Amy was unable to run and I took her place to be the only TAC lady out.

Titsey Trail 10K –  7th October 2018 Trail Sunday  – Great turnout on this lovely autumnal day and very well done to Caz, Mary, Heather & Therese

Thames Meander Half Marathon –  Sunday 3rd November 2018  Riverside trail  enter here:

Jigsaw 10K – 25th November 2018 Tarmac Off Road Sunday – enter here:

Ladies Championship 2018 CUMULATIVE POINTS
Runner VG DS TT RH M5 H5 S10 W5 D10 R10 Re10 E7 E10 WD7 W5 AM TI Total
Tanya Segrott 4 3 7
Kimberley Jump 4 2 6
Hazel Imeson 1 1 1 1 1 5
Vanessa Anstee 6 3 3 4 16
Caz Upson 1 2 2 1 1 7
Heather Fenton 5 1 5 5 2 2 1 3 24
Amy Van Wyk 8 3 8 3 4 8 3 35
Julie Oliver 7 9 16
Kate Kinrade 6 6
Jane Munn 2 2 1 3 1 2 2 12
Ingrid Mrazova 3 1 2 7 1 1 15
Therese Panetta 2 4 3 7 4 20
Mary Harte Jones 10 9 19
Mary Matthews 2 2 4
Liz Cooper 6 6
Jen Burke 9 7 6 22
Rachel Corrigan 2 2
Laura Palmer 1 1 2
Emily Oliver 5 5
Race Codes
Vale Gallop VG
Dash for the Splash DS
Towpath Ten TT
Richmond HM RH
Munday 5 M5
Hogsmill 5 H5
Sutton 10K S10
Woodman 5 W5
Dorking 10 D10
Richmond 10K R10
Reigate 10K Re10
Elmore 7 E7
Elmbridge 10K E10
Wedding Day 7 WD7
Wimbledon 5K W5
Autumn 1/4 Marathon AM
Titsey Trail TI